Human Interest

The CSP Summer Workshops offer students the opportunity to explore their interests outside of academics through workshops such as virtual choir, movie club, cooking, and career exploration. One of our most popular workshops is Creative Writing and this year we’re sharing writing pieces from some of our workshop participants. We hope you enjoy them!

The following writing sample was submitted by Jaevon Marseille, a student at Palm Beach State College double majoring in Criminology and Journalism.

A note from Jaevon…”I enjoyed the workshops. I particularly enjoyed the Creative Writing workshop, and the Cooking and JAWS workshops were very informational.”

The House Full of Mysteries Part 2

The man asks the young teen if they want to take a seat and have something to eat. The teen says, “yes”, and is shown to a large table with different jewelry. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, and other vintage pieces of art surround the table with bright colors that looking at them too long could possibly leave you permanently blind. The teen jumps with a start at how quietly the man comes in and the sudden chills that return in the presence of the man. He puts down a variety of dishes, quickly filling the room with delicious smells that would remind you of Thanksgiving, along with so many sweets it could give somebody diabetes if they didn’t watch how much sugar they consumed.

The man asks again in his soft but firm voice, “What brings someone like you to this neck of the woods?” Mouth full of pumpkin pie with candy bits serving as the crust, the teen says, “I was just sightseeing.” The man gives a small smile showing just enough of his front pearly whites and asks, “Where you from?” Still vigilant with his answers, the teen says “Greece” not giving too much away. The man says “Okay” and re-fills their cups with juice.

After stuffing their faces, with the teen eating almost all the food alone, the teen looked at the enormous grand window with black curtains across the room and saw that it was completely dark outside. The teen checked his phone and saw there was enough service to see the time but nothing else. The teen prepared himself to head out, but right then, the man stood more quickly than the teen expected him to and said, “It becomes a black hole out there at this time of night. Why don’t you stay the night? There’s not much service in here, but there’s enough down the hall.” Saying “Okay,” the teen made his way down the hall searching for more service when a whip was swung and wrapped tightly around this neck. One tug would snap his neck, and with a move so fast:

Only done by the Flash

A needle the size of a moth

was jammed into the teen’s spine

paralyzing him. With the teen immobilized

the man could get to work.

The man took a key and sprayed the wall beside him with glow in the dark spray and slid it up.

Throwing the teen inside

the man flipped on the lights

and what the teen saw

made him think, coming upon this house was no accident.

Where it was built was no accident.

What it would soon be called

would also be no exaggeration at all.

What detectives would find years later

would make even the bravest souls


of what they read.

Whatever you believe in

that evil entity

could never match the violence and horror

that this man

this monster had created

without blinking an eye

or losing sleep at night.

For the poor souls

who knocked on the door

would soon realize

if they were not strong enough

they would not survive.